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Lysle Shaw, LMSW

β€œThe privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Carl Jung

Welcome! I consider the therapeutic relationship a transformational one that offers immense potential for change. Struggles are a part of life but when we begin to unpack our pain with a trusted other we can shift our thoughts, attitudes, and ability to manage the ups and downs of life. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for a healthy relational experience - it is a collaborative process that allows you to change how you relate to yourself and the world. Those who resonate with my approach tend to seek authentic self-expression, greater intimacy with others, and a more expansive life.

My approach is in-depth psychotherapy grounded in spirituality, creativity, and the science that our brains are wired for relationship and connection. I integrate Western and Eastern traditions and emphasize holistic health. As an avid reader and lover of books I enjoy exploring and suggesting certain reads that can deepen your therapeutic experience.

I specialize in spiritual and personal growth, relationship issues, developmental trauma, perfectionism, and emotional disturbance. Many of my clients seek support for anxiety and stress around life balance and transition. My experience includes working with dual diagnosis, personality disorders, crisis, addiction, and complex trauma in intensive outpatient settings.