Shelby Solomon, LCSW

My goal in our session is to create a safe environment for you to feel comfortable being vulnerable. Safety and trust isn’t something we give to others lightly, it's something that is earned, and you will find that I work hard to cultivate a feeling of safety in our relationship through thoughtful, empathic listening

You are the leader in the room. I am here to sit with you, listen, and support you in whichever way feels right to you. You will find I deliver services from a non-judgemental frame; each person is unique and different in how they experience themselves and the world, and I honor that, rather than judge it.

I am experienced in issues of: adult and childhood trauma, abuse and neglect, grief and loss, children with behavioral issues and parents experiencing stress, family issues, adolescents in transition, attachment issues, depression and anxiety. I also offer parent consultations to learn supportive and helpful techniques to manage challenging behavior with kids at home. 

I utilize many theoretical frameworks in my practice including: CBT, psychodynamic theory, attachment-based psychotherapy, behavior modification, crisis intervention, Mindfulness, and empirically based techniques to reduce anxiety, panic, and depression. 

I hold Behavior Intervention Trainings through the Department of Family and Protective Services that focus on parenting skills specific to children who have experienced trauma, or are in foster or adoptive care.

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